Adel Shirawi Participates in Roadshow showcases three decades

Adel Shirawi Participates in Roadshow showcases three decades


DUBAI — The UAE’s first English-language newspaper, Khaleej Times, was born on Sunday, April 16, 1978 in a time when Rhodesia’s (now Zimbabwe) transitional government had been formed, when Italian politician Aldo Moro had been kidnapped and when the UAE’s rapid development was only just beginning.

The Khaleej Times has tracked Dubai’s transformation from a small trading port to an international hub and events which influenced the world’s history.

Marking the paper’s 30th anniversary, a unique roadshow showcasing these three decades through journalism excellence and rare photographs was opened at the BurJuman Observatory by BurJuman President Majid Saif Al Ghurair yesterday.

Also present was the Managing Director of Investment Corporation of Dubai, Saad Abdul Razak, Khaleej Times Chairman Adel Abdul Aziz Al Shirawi and newspaper managers.

The exhibition “Marking Moments in Time” will travel across the country’s malls during the next two months.

“By virtue of it being launched just about the time when Dubai was busy laying the foundation for its phenomenal growth, Khaleej Times was fortunate to capture many of those defining moments that shaped the history of this emirate,” Al Shirawi said.

“Today, as it celebrates the historic 30th anniversary, Khaleej Times can proudly look back on the numerous milestones that were reached during three decades of news excellence.”

Al Ghurair said the histories of Khaleej Times, the UAE and private industries were almost entwined.

“Definitely Khaleej Times is one of the newspapers that has a big archive of Dubai,” Al Ghurair said. “They’ve been successful. They’ve large client bases in the UAE and the Subcontinent which are important clients to us.”